Bophut Is The Perfect Destination

Bophut is one of the most popular parts of Koh Samui combining an authentic Thai experience with a numerous list of attractions and activities that tourists of all ages can enjoy. All this is put together around the stunningly beautiful natural landscape that this region offers. The beach in Bophut is nearly 3 km long and offers some of the best water and sand on the island, perfect for any type of beach activity from lounging in the sun to watersports. Speaking of watersports you will probably also love the nearby aqua park with its huge offer of floating devices and rides, perfect for both children and adults.

Bophut offers just as many inland entertainment opportunities particularly for tourists who like to constantly be active. The first thing you should do once you arrive is take a walk through the jungle and explore the beautiful fauna and flora. A series of elaborate swings and pulley systems is available for those who want to climb more than walk and what better way to see the canopy than from on top of it.

Other fun activities available here include Go-Karting. This is another great way of spending time with your entire family, especially if your young ones like cars and racing. Mini-golf is also very popular here and with a wacky course with numerous levels of difficulty you will surely enjoy yourself. Proper golf courses are also available here so remember to pack your nine iron and mix your time spent on the beach with some fun rounds of golf. A unique feature in Bophut is the crocodile farm. This fun family destination will show you numerous species of local and non-native crocodiles and teach you a lot of things you didn’t know about this fascinating pre-historic reptile.

If you prefer to take it easy on your vacation you can do that as well as Bophut has a good offer of world class spas and massage parlors. Just take a walk on Fisherman’s Village main street and pick a place. They all offer great service and when you combine a good massage with some sun bathing and world class dining you will definitely understand what all the hype around Bophut is about.

If you want to include a fun activity that doesn’t require too much effort you should also drop by the Bophut gun range. If you’ve never fired a gun before you’re definitely in for a treat.