For A More Unusual Attraction Try The Samui Snake Farm

Most people come to remote and stunningly beautiful destinations like Koh Samui to relax, take in the amazing views and enjoy the endless white sandy beaches; however, even this can become too repetitive. This is why so many otherwise beautiful resorts simply don’t have the same draw power as Koh Samui. The key to this amazing island’s success is a well thought out and diversified offer of attractions. This being said it is worth noting that even the most successful of island resorts can’t please all tourists, and family-friendly attractions which are considered more exciting that staying at the beach are hard to come by.

This is why the Koh Samui Snake Farm is a great way to enjoy your time spent on the island while also including your entire family and even learning something new about one of the most interesting reptiles on the face of the earth.

Here you will find an interesting and equally thrilling alignment of some of the most dangerous and rare reptiles present in Thailand and in the entire southeastern Asian continent. The shows held at the Koh Samui Snake Frm are definitely a noteworthy spectacle, one that is not recommended for the faint hearted. Here you will find professional snake wranglers who work with these amazing reptiles and manipulate them into showing their entire fighting arsenal live for you to watch.

You will be able to see how numerous snakes hunt, attack or defend themselves while also learning general information about them and reptiles in general. The snakes you will be able to see at the Koh Samui Snake Farm include giant pythons and king cobras.

If you want some more diversity you will find that the Farm also includes shows with centipedes and scorpions on an almost daily basis. For those who are into it, the Koh Samui Snake Farm also hosts daily shows of cock fighting, one of the most popular traditional sports in Thailand, particularly in the rural regions of the country.

If you want a closer and more personal experience you will definitely enjoy the Snake Farm’s reptile zoo. It is accessible to both adults and children and offers a wide variety of animals that you can interact with. If you want you will be able to touch or even hold the more docile snakes on the farm. It is here you can also learn a lot about Thailand’s huge snake population which includes over 170 species of snakes 50 of which are venomous.