Have Fun And Learn Something New At The Bophut Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm in Koh Samui’s Bophut is one of the most remarkable places to visit during your trip to this charming island. This modern establishment offers amazing conditions for the animals recreating the exact environment they would naturally live in. It also offers perfectly safe conditions to view them and the show put on by the professional wranglers.

This huge 8,000 square meter farm is made up from more than the native crocodiles with the entire stock being made up of saltwater crocodiles, caimans, Siamese crocodiles, snakes, numerous other lizards and a series of mammals including an interesting display of monkeys.

If you know a zoo type environment will be boring for you then have no fear, the Samui Crocodile Farm offers three crocodile and snake shows a day. If you think you enjoyed reptiles while watching them on TV just wait until you see a live show. The professional wranglers have decades of experience in handling these fascinating reptiles and the shows have been well coordinated so you won’t be taking your children to a gore fest. Speaking of children, if you went on holiday with your family the Samui Crocodile Farm is the perfect destination as it is both fun and educational, giving your children a level of exposure to animals they would otherwise never have. The entire complex is well shaded so you can spend hours walking around, photographing or just enjoying the amazing creatures who reside here.

The native crocodiles are a varied bunch and come in all sizes and shapes. Thailand’s crocodile population has been in decline for a good time so the existence of such farms helps protect the species while also providing some much needed education on the subject.

The trainers at the Samui Crocodile Farm are professionals who train show-crocodiles for years before doing the stunts you will see. Anything you see done here should under no circumstances be replicated even when you think you are in complete control.

The most exciting part of the entire crocodile show is the 5 meter long crocodile and his interactions with his trainer. Among many dangerous numbers you will see the crocodile used as a chair while his trainer sits on him without wearing any type of protection. More adventure seeking patrons will even get the chance to pet the crocodiles; only on their tale and under wrangler supervision of course. Regardless of your schedule while visiting Koh Samui, you simply must make time for this amazing venue.