If You Fancy A Walk Check Out The Secret Buddha Garden

If you have had your fill with the party, bar and pub scene, if you did all the water based activities and if you enjoyed your share of relaxing on the white sandy beaches then perhaps it’s time to explore interior Koh Samui some more.

This is one of the reasons why Koh Samui is such a popular destination, as it doesn’t just offer the same repetitive beach based environment, and actually has a beautiful countryside, ideal for trekking, climbing and photography.

If you like natural landscape and want to explore the Thai jungle you are in luck as Koh Samui offers amazing natural landscapes and safe paths, perfect for long walks and sightseeing. The fauna and flora is also quite impressive, and if this is your first trip to Southeastern Asia then you will be amazed by the uniqueness and diversity of every plant, animal and insect you meet.

While on your way through inner Koh Samui you simply must check out the Secret Buddha Garden which is basically hidden in the densely wooded hills of the mainland. The site offers stunning views over the island and the green canopy that surrounds it, as well as an eclectic number of historical statues.

While it may seem antique, the garden is quite a recent addition to the island. Local fruit farmer Nim Thongsuk began erecting several statues and temples on his land around 1976. While the Buddha statues are a trademark of Thailand, Nin Thongsuk’s garden contained statues depicting animals, certain deities as well as humans in different poses including a statue of himself. The ingenious farmer continued working on his unusual secret garden until he passed away at the respectable age of 91.

The garden is placed on a beautifully landscaped piece of land which contains numerous serene attractions like a waterfall or a stream which flows directly through it. If you’re worried about it getting too hot on your trek then you can relax as the garden is entirely surrounded by the dense jungle foliage which provides both shade as well as a magical ambiance.

There are numerous places where you can relax, meditate or even take a short nap. The beautiful waterfall may not be too impressive in terms of size but it offers a picturesque landscape and a perfect relaxing background sound while you explore the numerous statues and temples around it. If you want to explore the entire garden you should allot an entire day for the trip.