If You Prefer A More Laid Back Scene Try Big Buddha Beach

Big Buddha Beach isn’t your typical Koh Samui destination as the crowds of people and the never ending stream of restaurants, bars, pubs and resorts is dimmed down here. While it’s not the perfect place to come if you want a massive rave, Big Buddha beach is the ideal place to go out and have a great selection of beers and enjoy some friendly company without nearly going deaf because of the music or getting lost and overwhelmed because of the huge crowds of people.

Most pubs and bars here are located right next to the sea, offering the perfect background for an amazing night out.  You can of course take advantage of its prime position and end the night (or perhaps begin it) by taking a long relaxing walk on the clean sandy beaches of Big Buddha.

Sibelius for example is one of those uniquely themed restaurants that make the entire island so special. Ran by Mikko Vuori and his wife Krista Stockberg this charming venue offers the very best of Scandinavian dishes in one of the most unlikely places you’d expect to find this cuisine. One of their top dishes is Creamy Scandinavian Soup made with rye bread marinated lamb and mint sauce all beautifully complemented by a red wine. Another must at Sibelius is the Salted Beef Carpaccio served with salsa and wasabi sauce. The deserts are equally impressive with the most popular item on the menu being the Deep Fried Camembert with raspberry.

If you’re a visual person who undoubtedly enjoys sights then you will certainly love Koh Samui’s relationship with sunsets and sunrises. Sunset Bar is the perfect place to enjoy such a phenomenon while also delighting in the comfortable seating and the delicious drinks. The entire vibe is very laid back while the staff is some of the friendliest you’re ever likely to find. It’s a great place to relax if you like ambiental house music. You can find it a stone’s throw away from the Koh Phangan ferry pier.

Finally make sure you also check out the Heart & Soul Bar and Grill. You won’t just find delicious food and a friendly staff here as most people come for the music. Yes, Heart & Soul Bar is all about jazz with the British owner providing music from his own quite extensive personal collection. The steaks, juicy kebabs, and a whole list of delicious cocktails and other beverages complete what is a perfect night of fun and relaxation.