Q Bar Is An Elegant Way To Party In Koh Samui

If going down and dirty in grungy rave clubs and pubs isn’t necessarily your thing but you do like to party and spend time in cool, unusually chic places then you should definitely check out Bar Q while spending time in Koh Samui.

The bar takes after its first and larger twin which is based in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok, however, while it may not have the same size and renown, Bar Q Samui does offer the same ambiance and amazing design that made the original so successful.

The setting is stunning, on one of Chaweng’s characteristic hillsides, offering splendid views of the surrounding countryside, sea and sunsets. The interior décor is stylish adding a note of elegance while also allowing enough space for decent sized parties. The seating, when present, is comfortable and boasts an interesting design which fits perfectly with the entire look of the bar.

Parties tend to start late here so don’t even consider showing up before 23:00 if you want to get right in the party atmosphere without having to relax with some drinks before. Once the party gets going however, it does tend to impress, with huge crowds of people, deafening sound systems and even guitarists, saxophonists or other instrument players walking through the crow.

If you like to be a bit tipsy when you hit the dance floor then perhaps it’s better to hit a few bars and pubs where drinks are cheaper as any drink from Bar Q will be quite expensive. If you don’t mind being sober or don’t have a financial problem then go straight for the bar because, while expensive, drinks and cocktails here are some of the most interesting and well made in Koh Samui.

Like in most other clubs and pubs in Koh Samui, you should definitely check out the DJ roster before coming as you might want to save up for the really big names that tend to come to the Q Bar quite often.

If you want to socialize or simply catch your breath after all that dancing you have two options. The Lounge Bar, which offers some amazing views and the Electro Bar, which keeps the party going but also allows you to take a seat and enjoy some refreshments. If you prefer to socialize or simply want to take a break from the bass line then you should definitely go for the Lounge Bar as the music volume is quite low there.