The Lava Lounge Is One Of The Most Elegant Bars In Koh Samui

If you want your outings to be more on the tasteful side then the Lava Lounge is definitely one of the best places you can go in Koh Samui. While the island contains numerous bars, pubs, clubs and everything in between where crowds of people gather for the affordable beverages and world class DJ’s the Lava Lounge tries to change things up a bit, offering a fantastic yet more elegant atmosphere.

Tasteful décor, the friendliest and most professional staff you are ever likely to meet and a lot of talent behind the bar makes any night spent here into an unforgettable experience. The menu is impressive, with a wine list that would put most 5 star resorts to shame and a diverse offer of beers ranging from German ones to Belgium beers as well as local Thai products. You can also choose from over 40 cocktails mixed with the best ingredients while offering a unique and tasteful show.

The music again tries to stay away from the traditional Electro scene, offering a more homely, warm and inviting vibe. Live talent is almost always present and classics like Bill Withers and other Motown tunes create a sophisticated, elegant atmosphere where people can relax, socialize and actually understand what their friends are saying without screaming.

While the club’s name may have given it away, the interior décor is filled with lava lamps as well as extra comfortable bamboo sofas that can seat a generous amount of people. The bar and surrounding are atmospherically lit, providing a perfectly sized 60sqm portion of open space.

Located close to the beach and the exclusive Lamai Wanta Resort, the Lava Lounge is possibly one of the most elegant places you can relax and enjoy a good drink with your friends and family.

The Lava Lounge has Thai and Irish owners which have managed to transform a formerly unimpressive building into one of the best places to relax in Koh Samui other than the beach.

Some local and foreign acts hold concerts here, however, it’s less of a party atmosphere and more of a neighborhood pub one, with friendly staff and quality drinks being the norm.

The Lava Lounge opens daily from 16:00 and generally stays open until 02:00 at night, or until the last client leaves. If you leave later than that, enjoy the privileged location of the bar and try to catch the rising sun while you walk on the nearby beach.