Where And What To Eat On The SouthEast Coast Of Koh Samui

The Southeast coast of Koh Samui may appear underdeveloped when compared to major destinations like Bophut or Chaweng, however, this part of the island offers some of the best places to eat in Koh Samui.

The best parts of coming here is that it will be far less crowded and far less expensive as big restaurant chains and resorts have yet to make too strong of an appearance. The southeast coast is also the best place to have seafood as this is where the majority of fish is caught. So if you want to leave the posh resort restaurants behind enjoy some virgin beaches and have a more authentic experience overall you should definitely try some of the following places.

Ban Huathanon Seafood

Located right next to the only Muslim village in Koh Samui this charming establishment offers some of the freshest most succulent seafood dishes prepared in a local style. Ban Huathanon is just as popular with locals as it is with tourists and this is reflected in the prices as well as the freshness of the ingredients. Among a menu filled with delicious dishes the prawn with seaweed spring rolls, crispy catfish and deep fried duck with a delicious crab curry stand out.

The balcony at the seafood restaurant is beautiful, offering amazing views of the sunset and is the perfect place to enjoy some local drinks before dining. Due to its popularity it will probably be better to make reservations before you arrive.

4K Restaurant

For a uniquely chic experience you should definitely try this highly experimental restaurant located in Hua Thanon, in the X2 Samui Resort, right on the beach. All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced while the menu tries to combine international cuisine with Thai and reinvent both in a highly enjoyable fusion. The crowd here is cosmopolitan, mixing locals and tourists while the atmosphere is quite sophisticated due to the live jazz. The service is world class as well as the drink selection with a strong list of international and Thai wines.

Laem Set Inn

This charming Inn is located in one of Koh Samui most remote locations a short distance from Lamai. It is one of the best places to have a rest after taking a walk through the island. The restaurant offers a lovely view of the sea and is just as much a place to lounge as it is a place to try delicious dishes. The large swimming pool and fine selection of drinks makes any time spent here relaxing while the menu is well put together. The mix of fresh seafood and traditional Southeast Asian dishes creates a balanced menu with a strong personality.