Why Not Take Home The Tastes Of Thailand

Most people go on vacation with the clear desire to relax, enjoy the beauty of their destination and maybe do some exploring. When it comes to bringing something home from you vacation people most often think of clothing or some sort of charms meant to remind you of your travels, however, if you truly want to have a unique vacation why not bring home some new cooking skills.

Forget about T-shirts, trinkets or other cheap memorabilia that tourists end up buying, if you truly want to be unique how about you get some cooking classes and bring some of those delicious Thai dishes back home with you.

Koh Samui has its share of cooking classes where you will learn how to cook some of the most interesting Thai dishes as well as learn something about what ingredients to look for in order to recreate the exact same taste and texture.

The best part about Thai cuisine is that it is relatively simple and with the exception of some local ingredients and herbs you will have no problems cooking it at home, regardless of where home might be. Another interesting aspect on Thai cuisine is that most dishes take very little time to prepare, making it an ideal type of cooking style in today’s busy world.

When you look for a cooking class in Koh Samui make sure it works with your schedule as they can last anywhere between 90 minutes and three hours. Most are open for all students, regardless of their current level and depending on which course you choose, you can go from not knowing how to boil water to preparing culinary masterpieces in no time at all.

Being a tourist oriented service most courses won’t last more than a couple of days with the longest ones coming in at around a week. This makes them a great way to spend some of your vacation time doing something fun and productive. Some of the classic dishes you will learn how to cook include tom yam, somtam, phad thai, clear soup, stir fries, curry, spicy salads, spring rolls and a host of coconut themed recipes.

Don’t worry about how well you’ll do in class as they are run by professional chefs with years of experience. All staff including the chef’s speak fluent English while the facilities are modern and well equipped.

As an added bonus you will be taken on a guided tour of some local markets and taught how to choose proper ingredients for your dishes.